In today’s climate of so many uncertainties, systemic racism has a spotlight shining on it. We wish to help the efforts of Black Lives Matter while momentum is gaining for the cause. It seems to us that all modern Americans have inherited a legacy stained by the suffering of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination and segregation. The importance of raising awareness as a nation and reconsidering our priorities, is pivotal. The BLM guiding principles are to eliminate white supremacy and intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities through advocacy, fundraising and education. The organization aims to combat and counteract violence, amplify Black innovation, and center Black joy. As part of Element Knife Company’s continued efforts to support our local community of Colorado, we have created a raffle to win a prize package valued at $500. Each ticket is just $10, purchase as many tickets as you wish. Proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter 5280, Denver Chapter. We encourage you to join us and help make a positive and civic impact through this great raffle. 

Raffle will end Sunday August 30th 2020. The winning entry will be drawn at random and announced Monday August 31st 2020.