We know that by now the message of shopping local to help support small businesses is starting to sound like white noise. We also know the convenience of conglomerates like Amazon and Walmart make life easy. It’s not completely on consumers to keep small businesses afloat. That being said, it is extremely helpful when you as a consumer choose to spend locally. It helps strengthen communities. It keeps the money in your counties and state, thereby strengthening the surrounding areas instead of profiting a far-off corporation. When purchases are made at big box stores, only ¢15 of each dollar stays local. Conversely, ¢45 out of that same would be dollar is reinvested in the community. It also helps with job opportunities.

Nothing is easy during Covid times, and that is why this year, it’s more important than ever to shop locally when it makes sense for your budget. Here is one of many gift guides, and we’re proud to be listed among some of Colorado’s best. We’re truly wishing everyone the warmest and happiest Holiday Season. Stay safe! Stay local, and we look forward to seeing you in our shop or online. Click here for Edible’s holiday gift guide or stop by our shop inside Stanley Marketpalce and grab a publication.