Aus-8A Mo-V 22cm Càidāo | Chinese Chefs Knife With Saya Cover
Aus-8A Mo-V 22cm Càidāo | Chinese Chefs Knife Saya Cover

Aus-8A Mo-V 22cm Càidāo | Chinese Chefs Knife

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Càidāo, 菜刀, translates from Chinese into English as Kitchen Knife or Vegetable Knife. It is, for all intents and purposes, a Chinese style Chefs Knife. Much the same as Chefs Knives and Gyutos, it has multi-purpose functionality. They are great for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing. The tall profile makes for a good scoop. Because of the heft of the blade, the knife can be turned over to use the spine to tenderize meat. Although it has a square profile, it’s important to note this is not a meat cleaver. The thinner blade is not strong enough to withstand heavy strikes on bone. Chinese style chefs Knife, often referred to as a Chinese Cleaver, is a workhorse while prepping. Due to its tall profile and curved camber, it slices, dices, and chops with ease. This AUS-8A stainless steel knife is heat treated and tempered which easily achieves a razor sharp edge that holds for an extended period of time. Yoshihiro blade smiths add Molybdenum for hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance and a high tensile strength. Vanadium is added for strength, toughness and heat resistance. Moreover, Vanadium promotes a desired fine grain structure which allows for even wear resistance. This knife is single piece forged with a full tang. The western style Rosewood handle is comfortable, durable, and tough. 

  • Material: AUS-8A Stainless Steel
  • Forging Construction: Mono Steel
  • Size: 22cm/8.66 inch
  • Rockwell Hardness Scale: HRC 57
  • Knife Type:  Càidāo, Chinese Chefs Knife 
  • Stainless: Yes
  • Handle: Western, Rosewood , Full Tang
  • Wood Saya Cover: Included
  • Edge Angle: Double Edge/Western
  • Origin: Yamawaki Manufacturing, Sakai, Japan

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