Sakai Takayuki

Damascus Sanmai 160mm Nakiri

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Introducing the Sakai Takayuki Sanmai VG-10 33-Layer Damascus Nakiri, a culinary masterpiece that combines a seriously sharp edge with an impressive HRC of 62 for exceptional edge retention and a feather-light, center-balanced feel.

The Nakiri, a double bevel knife meticulously crafted for precision vegetable work, draws inspiration from the Japanese single bevel Usuba. With its very thin spine, squared tip, and wide, straight profile, this knife allows you to wield it with utmost efficiency and finesse. Each knife undergoes a meticulous hand-hammering process to create the tsuchime finish, enhancing the blade's ability to release food and ensuring a seamless cutting experience.

The octagonal lacquered Oak handle is not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed for optimal comfort and grip. Elevate your culinary journey with Sakai Takayuki's Sanmai VG-10 Nakiri, where precision meets tradition for an unparalleled cutting experience.