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Higonokami - Gentleman’s Pocket Knife

Designer: KaneKoma

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This Higo-no-Kami(肥後の上) folding knife known in Japan as a Gentleman’s pocket knife is forged using a white carbon steel. Carbon steels will form a patina which helps act a protectant against rust. This knife has no locking system, but stays open while using the friction of the swivel or the pressure of the user's thumb on its iconic lever or chikiri. The stainless handle is equipped with a hole so you can attach it to a lanyard.

 商登 標録 "Trademark Registration"
肥後守 (Higo No Kami)
定駒 (tei-koma) "Fixed Piece"

  • Material: Shiro-Ko white Carbon Steel (NOT STAINLESS)
  • Grade: Forge folded, forge welded
  • Size: 92mm/3.62 inch
  • Rockwell Hardness Scale: HRC 60
  • Knife Type: Folding, pocket knife
  • Stainless: No
  • Handle: Stainless
  • Edge Angle: Japanese, Double-Bevel
  • Origin: Manufactured in Sakai, Japan