Complete Kitchen Knife Buyer's Guide

All The info needed to make a great investment in cutlery

Choosing knives can be a daunting challenge. We are here to properly outfit you and your kitchen. If you cook often or occasionally, simple or extravagant, you should have knives that meet your needs and match your enthusiasm for cooking. Learn the differences between a Chefs Knife, Paring Knife, Santoku, and everything in between. This guide also lists and explains knife anatomy, terms, functionality, materials, styles, storage, and knife care. Additionally, we include links, tips, tricks, advice, and knife care for a deeper understanding of cutlery.

Kitchen Knife Buyer's Guide Table Of Contents

Know Your Knife

Knife Anatomy

All About Handles

German Vs Japanese Cutlery

Bevels, Grinds, & Finishes

Steel Types and Metallurgy

Knife Care

Common Questions