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Media Mentions

Element Knife Company has carved a niche in the culinary world, recognized by foodies and industry experts alike. This page is a collection of our proudest moments in the media spotlight. From rave reviews to feature articles and engaging podcasts, we've gathered all the accolades and mentions that continue to shape our story. Explore the chronicles of Element Knife Company as celebrated by the press, and see how our commitment to excellence in cutlery has caught the attention of culinary voices everywhere.


We are incredibly honored to be featured in Westword, an independent voice that resonates with Denver's vibrant spirit. Our collaboration with the talented Heather Haas, detailed in Linnea Covington's article, marks a milestone for Element Knife Company as we ventured into designing our own knife—a blend of Japanese precision and Colorado resilience. The kiritsuke knife, a hybrid of traditional Japanese styles, embodies our philosophy of functional beauty and affordability for chefs and home cooks alike​​. This collaboration was born from a shared vision and mutual respect for the craft, resulting in a tool that is not only a kitchen workhorse but also an object of art​​. Despite the pandemic's challenges, we remain committed to supporting our community, as reflected in our offer of free sharpening services for those in need​​. Our heartfelt thanks go to Westword for recognizing our efforts and to our clients for their unwavering support. We're excited to forge ahead, creating knives that celebrate the chef in everyone​​.

Element In Westword
5280 Magazine

We at Element Knife Company are deeply thankful for the recognition by 5280 Magazine, Denver's premier guide to the Mile High lifestyle. The article 'Why Crazy-Sharp Japanese Knives Make Great Gifts' beautifully captured our passion for crafting fine Japanese knives that not only embody profound beauty but also enhance the culinary experience with their precision​​. Moreover, being chosen for 5280's 'Top of the Town 2019, 2022, and 2023: Shopping' as a recommended destination for kitchenware is a true honor that reflects our commitment to excellence and the community we serve​​. These acknowledgments by such a respected local publication fill us with pride and bolster our dedication to bringing the finest kitchen tools to Denver's vibrant culinary scene.

2023 Top Of The Town 2022 Top Of The Town 2019 Top Of The Town Sharp Knives And Gifting
Shoutout Colorado Article Featuring Element Knife Company

The team at Element Knife Company is deeply appreciative of the feature by Shoutout Colorado, which spotlights the unique stories of local entrepreneurs and artisans. Their intimate portrayal of our founder, Chef Elan Wenzel, and the evolution of our company from a passionate side project to a full-fledged pursuit of excellence in culinary tools embodies the spirit of Colorado's vibrant food scene. Shoutout Colorado's recognition of our commitment to support and education in the culinary arts is a testament to our shared values, and we are thankful for their role in sharing our dedication to craftsmanship with a broader audience.

Shoutout Colorado Article
Voyage Denver

Element Knife Company was once a budding enterprise at Broadway Market, and during those early days, Voyage Denver captured our story with a thoughtful feature. Though we have since relocated to Stanley Marketplace, the essence of our journey remains rooted in the community and the commitment to quality that we shared in our interview with them. We extend our sincere appreciation to Voyage Denver for their role in documenting the growth of local businesses like ours. Their spotlight on Element Knife Company continues to inspire our mission to equip both professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts with the finest knives, fostering a sharper, more enjoyable cooking experience for all.

Voyage Denver Article
Dining Out Magazine

We're truly honored to be featured in DiningOut Magazine, a publication that stands as a testament to the vibrant culinary culture. Our journey at Element Knife Company, from the founding moments to the present, has been beautifully narrated in their 'Tastemaker Takeover.' It's heartwarming to see our dedication to providing top-quality Japanese cutlery and education to both professional chefs and home cooks recognized. DiningOut Magazine's spotlight on our unique offerings and our commitment to culinary excellence reflects the ethos of our company perfectly. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion and knowledge through such a respected culinary lens, and we invite everyone to explore the artful beauty and exceptional performance that our carefully curated collection of artisan products offers. A heartfelt thank you to DiningOut for their support and for helping us ensure that time spent in the kitchen is a joy for our community.

Element In Dining Out Magazine
Denver Center For The Performing Arts Logo

We at Element Knife Company are thrilled to be featured in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts' curated gift guide. Their recognition of our efforts to make cooking a joyous and sophisticated experience is incredibly humbling. Providing a selection of fine cutlery and kitchen accessories, along with in-store sharpening services, reflects our commitment to the culinary arts. We are grateful to the Denver Center for including us in their celebration of the holiday season and for helping us share our passion for quality and service with the broader community.

DCPA Holiday Gift Guide
Poached Jobs

Element Knife Company's inception and evolution were wonderfully chronicled by Poached, a platform that's become an invaluable resource for those in the hospitality industry. Their feature on our journey, 'The Art of the Side Hustle,' truly resonated with our roots and aspirations. It's been a pleasure to share our story, which began with long hours at Sushi Sasa and evolved into a thriving online business driven by a passion for Japanese cutlery and a commitment to the chef community. We are immensely grateful to Poached for highlighting our path from a simple side project to a nationally recognized brand. Their recognition is a nod to the hard work and dedication of the culinary professionals we serve, and it inspires us to continue growing and supporting our local community, now from our new home at Stanley Marketplace.

Poached Jobs Article
The Modern Eater

At Element Knife Company, we are genuinely grateful for The Modern Eater's commitment to spotlighting Colorado businesses and their culinary arts scene. Their enthusiasm for sharing local stories and creating a platform for passionate discussions about food and drink is invaluable. We cherish the opportunity they've given us to be featured in their interviews, allowing us to share our story and philosophy on high-quality kitchen tools with a wider audience. Their support has been instrumental in highlighting our dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and for that, we are profoundly thankful.

Interview With The Modern Eater
Denver Life

We're extremely grateful to have some of our favorite items featured in Denver Life Magazine's esteemed Holiday Gift Guides. This recognition by Colorado’s leading lifestyle magazine is a testament to our dedication to offering not just a tool, but a companion in culinary adventures. Each knife we sell is a marriage of tradition and craftsmanship, designed to bring joy to both the cooking enthusiast and the professional chef. We are grateful to Denver Life Magazine for showcasing our Higonokami knife, our collection of John Wenzel Pottery, and for their commitment to highlighting local, high-quality products​​. This feature is not only an honor but also a motivation for us to continue forging ahead with our passion for excellence in the culinary arts.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide 2023 Holiday Gift Guide
Chef Or Death Podcast

Discover the journey behind Element Knife Company through the lens of its founder, Elan Wenzel. Featured on Chef Eric Chiapetta's renowned podcast, "Chef Or Death," Elan shared his compelling story in Episode #68. Delving into his roots as a chef and the inception of Element Knife Company. Elan's interview provides an intimate glimpse into the passion and dedication that fuel this culinary venture. Being chosen for Chef Eric Chiapetta's podcast is a testament to Elan's unique perspective and the exceptional quality of Element Knife Company's offerings. Explore the intersection of culinary expertise and real world experience as Elan Wenzel talks about his grassroots efforts to bring pro level tools to chefs and home cooks.

Chef Or Death Interview
Best Served Podcast

Join the conversation as Chef Elan chats with Chef Jensen Cummings in various episodes. In Episode 18, he opens up about his grandma Rose's influence. These interviews, including special anniversary episodes, give you a glimpse into Elan's culinary world. We're thankful for these opportunities to share our story and passion in the culinary scene.

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