2019 sponsorships, The Modern Eater

2019 sponsorships, The Modern Eater
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Continuing on the subject of sponsorships, we are more than proud to be a sponsor of The Modern Eater. They are comprised of founder, CEO and lead host, Greg Hollanback, host Brian Freeman, owner of Growers Organic, host Richard Schneider, owner of Raquelitas Tortillas and Jay Parker, producer and co-host. These folks are hands-down some of the greatest people we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. They just celebrated their 4 year anniversary of talking about all things food, drink, chef and restaurants, with a focus on Colorado.

Modern Eater - Denver, CO

They started broadcasting out of the I Heart Radio studios in Denver Colorado and have now moved operations and broadcasting into Studio Kitchen Colorado. The Saturday evening shows are a total blast in the kitchen as they feature several guests during the two hour broadcast.

Chef Elan Wenzel - Element Knife Company

Featured guests not only talk about their craft but exhibit their skill and bring samples or cook for all the lucky people in the studio. The Modern Eater also goes ‘Live’ on Facebook during the broadcast, which is a great way to tune in.

Modern Eater - Team View

Make sure to listen to 630 KHOW Saturday’s at 6:00pm and learn all about Colorado’s thriving food scene. Also follow along on Facebook, Instagram and themoderneater.com to find out about current events and dinner series. They genuinely promote ’hyper local’ and are true champions of Colorado chefs, restaurants, alcohol producers, farmers and our culinary industry as a whole.