Grilled Carrots And Peas at Annette Scratch To Table

Culinary Artistry in Denver: Caroline Glover's Gastronomic Journey at Annette and Beyond

Welcome to another installment of our "Spotlight On Denver" series, where we dive into the stories of the city's culinary mavericks. Today, we're focusing on Caroline Glover, the esteemed chef behind the acclaimed Annette Scratch To Table. Glover's journey and her upcoming project, Traveling Mercies, are testaments to her passion and innovation in Denver's food scene.

Pork Chop With Smashed Potatoes
Pork Chop With Smashed Potatoes, Beer Mustard and Scallions

Caroline Glover: The Visionary Behind Annette

Caroline Glover's culinary story is one of inspiration and perseverance. Annette, named after Glover's feisty and brilliant great aunt Netsie, reflects a legacy of strong opinion and confidence. Glover's mission is to serve diners as if they're guests in her home, emphasizing shared stories and memorable “scratch-to-table” and wood-fired fare. This philosophy, shaped by her extensive cooking experience across the country, brings a unique blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and rustic simplicity to Annette.

Caroline and Her Sous Chef, Chelsey
Caroline Glover and Her Sous Chef, Chelsey Maschhoff

Caroline’s Culinary Journey

Glover's path to becoming a chef began at 16, working at Chili's. This early experience ignited her lifelong passion for the restaurant industry. After dropping out of a traditional university, she pursued culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America. Post-graduation, Glover honed her skills in New York City, including a significant stint at The Spotted Pig, before her love for Colorado's mountains and culinary potential drew her to Denver.

Unique Aspects of Annette Scratch To Table

Annette stands out in Denver's culinary landscape for its distinct ethos, welcoming atmosphere, and commitment to New American Cuisine. Under Caroline Glover's leadership, the restaurant has earned accolades such as the James Beard Foundation Award and recognition from Bon Appétit Magazine. A major key to Annette’s success is Glover's emphasis on consistency, ensuring every dish reflects her vision and quality standards.

Beef toungue with marrow toast
Grilled Beef Toungue With Pickled Beet Relish, Parsley And Marrow Toast

Annette's menu is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, innovatively combining traditional American dishes with global influences. Each dish is a reflection of Glover's culinary journey and her commitment to using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. The restaurant's ambiance complements this culinary creativity, offering a warm and inviting space where every meal feels like a special occasion. The wood-fired fare brings a unique, smoky richness to the dishes, enhancing their depth of flavor. From meticulously crafted small plates to hearty, comforting mains, Annette represents a modern, sophisticated twist on classic American dining, making it a standout in Denver's dynamic food scene.

Traveling Mercies: A New Culinary Adventure

Glover's next venture, Traveling Mercies, set to open in Stanley Marketplace, will offer an intimate neighborhood raw bar experience. The menu is a blend of raw bar favorites and comfort food classics, complemented by a drink selection that highlights aperitivos and rum. This project mirrors Glover's commitment to creating exceptional dining experiences.

Traveling Mercies Preview

Vision for Denver’s Culinary Future

Glover envisions a prolific future for Denver's culinary scene, grounded in the success of small, independent business owners. Her endeavors contribute significantly to this vision, adding depth and diversity to Denver's dining options.

Connect with Annette and Traveling Mercies

To experience the culinary artistry of Caroline Glover, visit Annette at Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora, CO 80010. Stay updated on Annette and the upcoming Traveling Mercies by following @annette_scratchtotable on Instagram and visiting For more about Traveling Mercies, follow @travelingmerciesbar and check out

Annette Scratch To Table Dining Room

Savoring the Culinary Canvas: Caroline Glover's Indelible Mark on Denver

Caroline Glover’s Annette Scratch To Table is more than a restaurant; it's a culinary narrative woven into the fabric of Denver’s food culture. As we eagerly await the opening of Traveling Mercies, we celebrate the creativity and passion that Glover brings to our city.