Masutani Hamono

Echizen VG-10 17CM Nakiri

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Masutani Hamono is a well known fourth generation blacksmith. Furthermore, he is brother of the owner of Ryusen Hamono.  Kunio Masutani , 増谷 訓生, is a small knife maker located in Echizen, (the “Knife City” of Japan).  Kunio Masutani has more than 30 years of knife-making experience. Mr. Masutani’s philosophy is to make affordable and practical kitchen knives intended to be used in everyday households. His attention to detail of the cutting performance & ease of maintenance as well as the aesthetic quality are unmatched. 

This Nakiri is crafted from VG-10 stainless steel.  The thin blade allows for precise & smooth cuts. The half tang Pakkawood western-style handle is comfortable with an approachable price. A Nakiri performs exceedingly well for cutting and prepping vegetables. Nakiris are typically a double-bevel knife specifically designed to work with vegetables. The design is derived from the Japanese single bevel Usuba with a very thin spine, squared tip, wide and straight profile. 

  • Knife Type: Nakiri
  • Size: 18cm / 7inch
  • Blade Material: VG-10
  • Edge Grind 50:50 Double-Bevel
  • Rockwell Scale: 60-61
  • Handle: Western Half Tang | Bolster