White#2 Kyosaki Eel Knife

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This Gohumanosuke Yoshihiro Kyosaki is crafted from Yasuki White #2 high-Carbon steel with. Kurouchi finish (Black-smith's finish). This Kyosaki design comes out of Kyoto Japan and is specific to butchering Unagi (Eel). Its robust bolstered spine acts as a tool to hammer the eel spike into the cutting board. White #2, also known as Shiroko is a high performing steel that is hard, and very responsive to smoother grit sharpening stones. Yoshihiro master blade-smiths use a traditional forging method of Kasumiyaki. The result is a knife that sharpens with ease and holds its edge. Extremely user friendly, Shiroko is a popular blade choice for single-bevel knives among all ranks of chefs.

NOTE: Blade may rust if left wet, this is NOT a stainless steel.

  • Material: White #2 High-Carbon Steel
  • Forging Construction: Kasumiyaki with Kurouchi finish
  • Blade Length: 8cm/3 inch
  • Total Length: 18cm/7 inch
  • Rockwell Hardness Scale: HRC 61
  • Knife Type: Yasuki Kyosaki
  • Stainless: No
  • Handle: Japanese Oval White Oak
  • Wood Saya Cover: No
  • Edge Angle: Japanese, Single-Bevel
  • Origin: Yamawaki Manufacturing, Sakai, Japan