Hokiyama Hamono

Kurohada Blue Super 165mm Santoku

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Hokiyama Hamono stands proudly as a leading knife maker in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, with a legacy dating back to its establishment of the modern company in 1919. With over a century of expertise, Hokiyama Hamono honors the esteemed tradition of crafting blades by hand, rooted in a lineage stretching back 800 years. Each knife meticulously crafted by Hokiyama Hamono undergoes a rigorous journey involving approximately 50 meticulous processes, meticulously executed and overseen by seasoned craftsmen.

The Sanmai Kurohada Series embodies excellence with its Blue Super core clad in SUS405 stainless steel, offering the perfect balance between the ease of stainless steel care and the sharpness and easy sharpenability of carbon steel. Enhanced with a Tsuchime hammer texture and complemented by a Yakisugi Urushi (Flame Licked Oak) octagon handle, these knives are indispensable workhorses in any kitchen.

The Santoku knife, aptly named for its "three virtues," rivals the Gyuto in functionality and versatility, thanks to its slight curve in the blade profile. Designed for meat, fish, and vegetable tasks, this knife's shorter and thinner blade profile ensures user-friendly and versatile performance, making it an essential tool in any culinary repertoire.