Inox Naguri 210mm Kiritsuke Gyuto

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Under Shosaku Motomiya's expert guidance, Ryujin produces premium knives known for their remarkable sharpness and functionality. The Naguri series gets its name from the esteemed Japanese woodcut technique, which involves using chisels to create a stippling pattern, mirrored beautifully on the knife handles. The unibody 18-8 stainless handle is finely sculpted to pair seamlessly with the Inox Molybdenum blade, offering a lightweight kitchen knife with superb balance and a natural, comfortable grip. Comprising Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium, Ryujin knives boast a steel composition that ensures they are stainless, chip-resistant, and easily sharpened.

Versatility meets precision with the Ryujin Kiritsuke-Gyuto, offering a myriad of cutting applications from vegetable prep to meat and fish butchery. Its clipped tip enhances precision, allowing for a drag cutting technique with ease. Moreover, the curved blade enables effortless rocking motions and swift slicing, making it a must-have tool for any culinary task.