Ryujin Unibody 210mm Kiritsuke Gyuto Front View
Ryujin Unibody 210mm Kiritsuke Gyuto Front View

Inox Kamakura 210mm Kiritsuke Gyuto

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At the helm of the Ryujin operation stands Shosaku Motomiya, crafting premium knives celebrated for their exceptional sharpness and functionality. The sculpted unibody 18-8 stainless handle seamlessly matches the Inox Molybdenum blade, resulting in a lightweight kitchen knife that exudes perfect balance and a natural grip. The combination of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium in Ryujin knives forms a steel blend that not only resists corrosion but also prevents chipping and facilitates easy sharpening.

Versatility meets precision with the Ryujin Kiritsuke-Gyuto, offering a myriad of cutting applications from vegetable prep to meat and fish butchery. Its clipped tip enhances precision, allowing for a drag cutting technique with ease. Moreover, the curved blade enables effortless rocking motions and swift slicing, making it a must-have tool for any culinary task.

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