Inox Naguri 240mm Bread Knife

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Under the expert leadership of Shosaku Motomiya, Ryujin specializes in crafting high-quality knives celebrated for their exceptional sharpness and functionality. The Naguri series, named after the traditional Japanese woodcut technique where chisels create a stippling pattern, features this distinctive design on the knife handles. The unibody 18-8 stainless handle, meticulously sculpted, pairs seamlessly with the Inox Molybdenum blade, resulting in a lightweight kitchen knife that offers unparalleled balance and a natural, comfortable grip. Crafted from a blend of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium, the steel composition of Ryujin knives ensures stainless properties, chip resistance, and easy sharpening.

A good serrated bread knife excels in performance by effortlessly slicing through crusty breads and delicate pastries alike, thanks to its sharp, serrated edge. The serrations grip and cut through the toughest crusts without crushing the soft interior, ensuring clean, precise cuts every time.