Overland 4.5 inch Utility Knife

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We keep finding new uses for our Overland Chef Utility Knife and it is quickly becoming a favorite of our pro staff. We let our knife designers run wild to create the perfect “go-to” utility. The result is a remarkably usable knife which feels solid in the hand, but not bulky. The compact 4.5” blade performs like a much bigger knife due to its swept edge geometry and cambered handle. The subtle offset in the blade leaves good hand clearance and the deep hollow-ground blade provides exceptional sharpness from the 62 Rockwell, nitro cobalt steel. Once you use it, you may never want to put it down.



Going Overland requires the best gear that could be found. Usually, a ragtag arsenal of knives in a camp kit which included at least one everyday carry, an old Russian survival tool for clearing brush and fist full of kitchen knives that were expendable at the cost of abuse were what peopled needed. Crazy right? Messermeister dug deep into the world of bushcraft to put their spin on a pair of knives that are up to the challenge of performing the everyday chores encountered when going off the grid.


Introducing the Overland Chef knife collection by Messermeister made in Maniago, Italy. These knives are built to be rugged and versatile designed for any sized task around the campsite. Just because it's awesome, there's also a hidden bottle opener in the butt of the handle for your convenience. Kit these knives with the custom leather sheaths, and they can travel as far as you do.