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Nano Hone Moon Pond
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Nano Hone is renowned for precision and innovation. Elevate your hand sharpening experience with Nano Hone ponds, designed to contain the mess associated with sharpening knives and tools using ceramic, diamond, or diamond resin sharpening stones. Precision machined from a Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum finish, allowing for easy for cleanup. 

The Moon Sharpening Pond is a simple yet sophisticated choice for both hobbyists and professionals, features an extra sticky silicone foot for slip-free stability. Crafted with precision using hard-anodized aluminum, this pond ensures a solid footing and protects your surfaces. The threaded drain hole facilitates easy water release, allowing for quick rinsing and cleaning.

The Terra Pond, Nano Hone's second-largest immobile retaining pond, is designed to keep your sharpening area clean and organized. With space for two Stone Stage holders, this pond retains slurry for a professional look. The hard-coat anodized finish ensures cleanliness, and the threaded screw plug allows for effortless drainage. A favorite among hardcore sharpeners.

The Sol Pond, is the largest sharpening pond, and measures 20" x 12". Featuring three secure posts for Stone Stages, this pond allows you to work on multiple grit surfaces without moving anything. The ample room between Stone Stages ensures comfortable hand movement, whether working on separate stones or securing a lapping plate. The hard-coat finish prevents sticking, keeping your sharpening operation organized and in one place.

Level up your sharpening game with Nano Hone ponds – precision and cleanliness at your fingertips.

NOTE: Stages are not included