Replacement Nano Hone Stones

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Style: 200 Grit | 70 µm

Replacement Nano Hone Stones

Replacement Nano Hone Stone 70 micron
200 Grit | 70 µm
Replacement Nano Hone Stone 35 micron
400 Grit | 35 µm
Replacement Nano Hone Stone 15 micron
1000 Grit | 15 µm
Replacement Nano Hone Stone 6 micron
3,000 Grit | 6 µm
Replacement Nano Hone Stone 2 micron
6,000 Grit | 2 µm
Replacement Nano Hone Stone 1 micron
10,000 Grit | 1 µm
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Product information

These Nano Hone replacement stones are forged of non-porous ceramics and are micron size accurate. They perform with a great balance of finish and speed of cut, offering a smooth and subtle bite. They measure at 210 mm x 75 mm x 10 mm.

NOTE: Each Nanohone Replacement Stone WILL require the Sticky High-Bond  double sided tape. Click here to add one to your order.

Detail Description:

200 Grit | 70 Micron    --

This fast cutting grit is a chip remover and edge thinning tool.  It can easily cut through tough steels and retain its shape consistently. Whether this stone is worked hard or easy, it will respond just as expected, removing metal fast or with a very consistent scratch pattern. 


400 Grit | 35 Micron --

- A great tool for touch ups! This sharpening stone is resilient with good bite and a smooth feel. 


1,000 Grit | 15 Micron --

- A perfect maintenance stone for regular sharpening. If you only have one stone, it should be a thousand grit. Rough enough to cut steel away, and smooth enough to leave a refined edge. Like all Nano Hone stones its micron size accurate. 


3,000 Grit | 6 Micron --

- This level of a fine grit really moves into a razor sharp edge. Many chefs will stop here at a very dependable edge.


6000 Grit | 2 Micron --

- A very popular polisher among knife enthusiasts and pro Chefs. This fine grit abrasive brings a beautiful polish to your knife.


10,000 Grit | 1 Micron

-The ultimate in a mirror polish. At one one-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair, this is a very fine abrasive. It establishes a very polished and refined edge.