10 Inch Bread Knife

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No kitchen is complete without a bread knife. The Steelport Bread Knife is designed to perform equally well cutting bread with hard crusts and softer loafs. It can also be used as a serrated slicer for cutting through BBQ meats and other hard crust foods.

The Steelport Bread Knife features a unique 'Wavy' serration, resulting in a finer, sharper edge that requires less of a sawing motion and can slice through food with ease, being less destructive to both the food and cutting board. The 10” length is the perfect size to get through any loaf.

Steelport Knife Co. is proud to offer one of the only premium bread knives on the market.

Blade Shape: The Steelport Bread Knife has a unique wavy 'reverse' serration allowing for cutting through the toughest bread crust, while still being more gentle on other food products if used as a serrated slicer. A wavy serration is also less destructive to a cutting board than a standard pointy serration. The curved blade and 1” heel allow for a natural cutting motion and better knuckle clearance. A 10” blade is the perfect length for a bread knife, avoiding the unwieldiness of a longer blade and the excessive sawing motion required by a shorter one.

Blade Material/Heat Treat: Steelport knives have solid one-piece traditional drop forged construction from blade tip to end cap with an integral bolster for a well-balanced and long-lasting knife. Through Steelport's proprietary differential heat treatment, American 52100 Carbon Steel achieves an unmatched 65HRC hardness at the blade for exceptional long-lasting sharpness, while maintaining a softer 30HRC spine for lifelong durability. The bolster and spine are hand-polished smooth for a supremely comfortable pinch grip hold.

Handle: Steelport’s signature contoured handle makes cutting an enjoyable experience. For all Steelport handles, they use Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, a locally sourced, naturally unique burl wood stabilized with resin to meet tough kitchen requirements, preventing shrinking or swelling. 

Sheath: Keep your edge protected with an included custom fitted Steelport 10" Bread Knife Sheath, made of caramelized Oregon Maple, featuring an internal recessed magnet along the spine—no pin needed.

Care & Use: Carbon Steel is for those who take pride in keeping their tools at peak performance through basic maintenance. Carbon Steel knives like Steelport are not stain or rust-resistant. Day to day, it is as simple as remembering to hand wash and dry after each use.


NOTE: Blade may rust if left wet, this is NOT a stainless steel.


  • Knife Type - Bread Knife
  • Bevel Type Serrated 
  • Grind - Full Flat Grind
  • Material 52100 High-Carbon 
  • Forging Construction Mono Steel
  • Method - Drop Forged
  • Handle Type - Western Full Tang Octagon 
  • Handle Material Oregon Big Leaf Burled Maple 
  • Bolster 52100 High-Carbon integrated 
  • Sheath Maple
  • Blade length - 10 Inch
  • Overall Length - 15 inch
  • Spine Thickness 3mm
  • Blade Height 1 inch
  • Weight - 8.5 oz
  • HRC Rockwell 65
  • Maker Steelport Knife Co. 
  • Origin  Oregon, USA