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10 Inch Slicing Knife

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Experience Precision with the Steelport 10” Slicer Knife:

Versatile Slicing: The Steelport 10” Slicer Knife masterfully combines the best attributes of a slicer and cimeter. Its curved blade ensures full contact with the cutting board, providing a comfortable feel and preventing knuckles from hitting the board.

Ideal for Large Cuts: This long slicing knife is perfect for trimming and portioning large cuts of meat and fish. Whether you're a home cook or professional chef dealing with sizable proteins, this knife will prove invaluable.

Professional Presentation: The Steelport 10” Slicer is more than just a knife; it's an impressive showpiece for those who appreciate professional cuts and presentations. Whether you're carving a holiday roast, trimming and portioning meat and fish, or creating sushi and sashimi, this knife delivers precision and style.

Thoughtful Blade Design: The curved blade and 1” heel of the Steelport 10” Slicer offer ample knuckle clearance on the cutting board, ideal for portioning and trimming cuts traditionally used with a cimeter. Its longer 10” length eliminates the need for a sawing motion, ensuring cleaner cuts. The sharpened tip excels at trimming meat and fish.

Premium Blade Material: Steelport knives boast solid one-piece traditional drop-forged construction from the blade tip to the end cap, complete with an integral bolster for impeccable balance and longevity. The proprietary differential heat treatment guarantees an exceptional 65HRC blade hardness for long-lasting sharpness, while the 30HRC spine ensures lifelong durability. Both the bolster and spine are hand-polished for a supremely comfortable pinch grip hold.

Ergonomic Handle: The signature Steelport contoured handle transforms cutting into an enjoyable experience. Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, locally sourced and naturally unique, is used for all Steelport handles. Stabilized with resin to meet the demands of the kitchen, this wood won't shrink or swell.

Custom-Fitted Sheath: Protect your edge with an included custom-fitted Steelport 10” Bread Knife Sheath, crafted from caramelized Oregon Maple and featuring an internal recessed magnet along the spine, eliminating the need for pins.

Carbon Steel Maintenance: Steelport knives, crafted with Carbon Steel, require basic maintenance for peak performance. While they aren't stain or rust-resistant, it's as simple as hand-washing and drying them after each use.

Elevate your slicing experience with the Steelport 10” Slicer Knife, the epitome of precision and craftsmanship.


NOTE: Blade may rust if left wet, this is NOT a stainless steel.


  • Knife Type - Slicing Knife
  • Bevel Type Double-Bevel
  • Grind - Full Flat Grind
  • Material 52100 High-Carbon 
  • Forging Construction Mono Steel
  • Method - Drop Forged
  • Handle Type - Western Full Tang Octagon 
  • Handle Material Oregon Big Leaf Burled Maple 
  • Bolster 52100 High-Carbon integrated 
  • Sheath Maple
  • Blade length - 10 Inch
  • Overall Length - 15 inch
  • Spine Thickness 3mm
  • Blade Height 1 inch
  • Weight - 8.5 oz
  • HRC Rockwell 65
  • Maker Steelport Knife Co. 
  • Origin  Oregon, USA