Ryujin Stainless Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks 305mm Full View
Ryujin Stainless Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks 305mm Base View
Ryujin Stainless Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks 305mm Tip View

Stainless Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks 305mm

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Crafted by skilled artisans from Ryujin in Tsubame city, nestled in Niigata Prefecture, renowned for its expertise in crafting high-quality metal tableware, these stainless steel chopsticks (Saibashi) embody elegance and functionality.

Their design seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality, featuring a refined matte finish along the surface, complemented by a mirrored polish on the upper tips for an added touch of sophistication.

Despite their sturdy stainless steel construction, these chopsticks are ingeniously hollowed, resulting in an exceptionally lightweight feel. This perfect balance of strength and weight ensures effortless handling during meal preparation.

The lower tips of the chopsticks are thoughtfully designed with circumferential grooves, providing excellent grip on various food items and preventing slipping or sliding while in use.

In contrast to traditional wooden chopsticks, our stainless steel Saibashi offer enhanced toughness and durability, ensuring they remain reliable and long-lasting companions in your culinary adventures.

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