Sushi Rolling Mat - Makisu

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The HASEGAWA-Makisu is a revolutionary sushi rolling mat that makes use of neither the traditional bamboo nor cotton strings but advanced plastic and monofilaments. They are not only hygienic but also easy to roll as a makisu. 

• The monofilaments deter contamination and are used for the binding strings.

• Easy to dry so that can be used soon after washing.

• Rice is less likely to stick to the embossed surfaces eliminating the need to wrap the makisu in plastic wrap.

• Easy to roll and work with as conventional bamboo mats.

• Dishwasher & bleach safe

• Size: 250 x 240mm ( 10 x 9.5inch )  

• Weight: 160g ( 0.33lbs)

• Heatproof temperature: 100 C (212 F)