Gohumanosuke Yoshihiro

Blue #2 Nashiji 200mm Gyuto

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Introducing our Gohumanosuke Yoshihiro Hybrid Gyuto, the epitome of versatility for chefs. This Gyuto instills confidence when preparing fish, meats, and vegetables, making it an indispensable tool in any kitchen.

Crafted with a sanmai hybrid blade, this Gyuto offers the best of both worlds. Its core is composed of Yasuki grade Blue #2 high-carbon steel, encased between layers of SUS-410 stainless steel. This unique construction ensures a hard cutting edge, achieving a razor-sharpness that holds for an extended period, while providing the convenience and maintenance ease of stainless steel.

The hammered texture (Tsuchime) and Nashiji dappling on the blade serves a dual purpose, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality by preventing food from sticking. Accompanying this superior blade is a western-style black Pakkawood handle, designed for comfort, durability, toughness, and heat resistance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable culinary experience.

  • Material: Blue # 2 High-Carbon core, SUS-410 Stainless Steel cladding. 
  • Forging Construction: Sanmai
  • Size: 20cm/7.87 inch 
  • Bolster Material: SUS-410 Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell Hardness Scale: HRC 62
  • Knife Type: Gyuto
  • Stainless: Core - No / Cladding - Yes, It should be noted that a patina and rust will occur at the cutting edge, 3mm ~ 5mm. 
  • Handle: Western, Black Pakkawood, Full Tang
  • Wood Saya Cover: Yes
  • Edge Angle: Double Edge/Western
  • Origin: Yamawaki Manufacturing, Sakai, Japan