Nashiji 15cm Kaku Honesuki

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Ittetsu Nashiji 15cm Kaku Honesuki

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Ittetsu knives are forged by a group of blacksmiths working out of Sanjo City, Japan. They produce knives following master bladesmith, Tadafusa’s OEM designs. The Nashiji (pear skin) finish is a great introduction to Japanese knives. The Blue # 2 High-Carbon steel is clad between two pieces of stainless steel forming a Sanmai blade construction. This offers the benefits of High-Carbon steel & the ease of stainless. A Kaku-Honesuki is traditionally a Japanese poultry boning knife. Although, many chefs today use it for all boning purposes, such as Frenching a rack or lamb. This knife has a profile which is thicker at the spine and wide at the heel, then contours to a narrow tip. This allows clean separation at joints and cartilage. It also works very well for cutting smaller fish like Aji, Kodai, and Kohada.


  • Material: Blue # 2 High-Carbon core, SUS-405 Stainless Steel cladding. 
  • Forging Construction: Sanmai
  • Size: 15cm / 5 inch 
  • Rockwell Hardness Scale: HRC 62
  • Knife Type: Kaku Honesuki 
  • Stainless: Core - No / Cladding - Yes. It should be noted that a patina and rust will occur at the cutting edge, 3mm ~ 5mm. 
  • Handle: Japanese Octagon Walnut
  • Ferrule: Rosewood
  • Wood Saya Cover: No
  • Edge Angle: Double Edge/Western
  • Origin: Ittetsu, Sanjou City, Japan