Touroku Sakai

Kurouchi Shiroko 180mm Bunka

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Kuro meaning black in Japanese, references the distinctive black iron oxide coating, a remnant of the forging process. Not only does it lend a sleek appearance but also serves as a protective barrier against rusting. Introducing our Touroku Sakai Kurouchi series, crafted with a sanmai construction featuring a white #2 high-carbon steel core enveloped in soft black iron cladding, delivering a striking aesthetic and unparalleled durability. With a substantial and robust build complemented by a Yakisugi Urushi (Flame Licked Oak) octagon handle, these knives are true workhorses in any kitchen.

The Bunka knife, akin to the versatile Santoku, excels in handling a variety of tasks from slicing fish to chopping vegetables and carving meats. Renowned for their exceptional performance, Bunka knives are a preferred choice among discerning chefs, whether amateurs or professionals. Designed to be your trusty "daily driver," Bunka knives are crafted to elevate your culinary experiences to new heights.