Touroku Sakai

Kurouchi Shiroko 165mm Nakiri

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Kuro meaning black in Japanese is reference to this distinctive black iron oxide coating, part of the forging process. Not only does it add a sleek aesthetic but also provides a formidable defense against rust. Introducing our Touroku Sakai Kurouchi series, meticulously crafted with a sanmai construction featuring a white #2 high-carbon steel core encased in soft black iron cladding. This fusion results in a visually striking appearance and unmatched durability. With a sturdy build and complemented by a Yakisugi Urushi (Flame Licked Oak) octagon handle, these knives are indispensable workhorses in any kitchen. The Nakiri, renowned for its exceptional performance in vegetable preparation, draws inspiration from the Japanese single bevel Usuba. Its thin spine, squared tip, and wide, straight profile make it the ultimate tool for precise and efficient slicing of vegetables.