Sukenari ZDP189 Gyuto 210mm Front View
Sukenari ZDP189 Gyuto 210mm Back View
Sukenari ZDP189 Gyuto 240mm Front View
Sukenari ZDP189 Gyuto 240mm Back View

ZDP189 Gyuto

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Sukenari, deeply rooted in Toyama city, Japan, traces its esteemed legacy back to 1933, when it was established by Fijikichi Hanaki. Renowned for its Honyaki forged knives, Sukenari has garnered widespread acclaim in Japan for mastering one of the most challenging forging techniques. Now under the leadership of the 3rd generation Hanaki, Mr. Nobuo Hanaki, Sukenari continues to push the boundaries of chef knives while upholding the revered traditions of Japanese knife making. Today, Sukenari is celebrated for its expertise in working with various super steels, carrying forward the legacy crafted by the successors of master blacksmith Hanaki Toukichi.

This ZDP189 series boasts a Sanmai blade construction with exceptional edge retention. Beautifully paired with an Ebony Octagon handle and Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule, this series is top of the line. A Gyuto, often hailed as the chef's knife, stands as the epitome of versatility in a chef's arsenal. It instills confidence while effortlessly handling fish, meats, and vegetables. Featuring a curved blade, the Gyuto facilitates seamless back-and-forth rocking motions and swift, precise slicing, making it indispensable for culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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