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Vegan Meal Prep

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A five-week plan with 125 ready-to-go recipes, by Robin Asbell.

Skip the takeout, save money, eat better and meal prep like a pro with 125 tasty recipes. 

it’s a fast-paced world out there, making it easy to fall into the habit of eating fast food. If you’re a vegan (or trying to eat a more plant-based diet),then you’ve got even more of a challenge, since finding vegan options on the go is no small feat. The answer is meal prepping. In Vegan Meal Prep, Robin Asbellshares the solution in the form of 125 inventive and inspired recipes for breakfast, lunch, manes, snacks, and desserts using vegan ingredients. Armed with five 5-daymeal plans, you’ll save time and money well ending up with delicious meals that make you both happy and healthy.