Ishizuchi Kurouchi Blue #2 Kiritsuke Gyuto

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Size: 21cm

Ishizuchi Kurouchi Blue #2 Kiritsuke Gyuto

Yoshimune Ishizuchi Kurouchi Blue #2 Kiritsuke Gyuto
Yoshimune Ishizuchi Kurouchi Blue #2 Kiritsuke Gyuto
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Yoshimune Ishizuchi Kurouchi Blue #2 Kiritsuke Gyuto
Size: 21cm

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Product information

Yoshimune knives are crafted by Ishizuchi 石鎚 smiths in the Tosa region of Japan. This small team of blacksmiths follow the region’s rich 400 year history of crafting edged tools. These blades are a workhorse for home and pro chefs alike. They have great balance and feel, and feature the traditional rustic blue/black kurouchi or blacksmith's finish. Yoshimune blade smiths use Blue & White high-carbon steels made by Hitachi Metals Ltd. These are popular among knife makers and chefs in Japan and globally due to it’s fantastic edge retention, toughness, and ease of sharpening. It contains few stainless elements, meaning the blade develops a patina, and is prone to rust spots if left wet after use.

This Kiritsuke-Gyuto is multipurpose and offers some of the most versatile cutting applications ranging from vegetable prep to meat and fish butchery. The clipped tip drops the point which allows for precision when imparting a drag cutting technique. Additionally, this Gyuto has a curved blade that allows for back and forth rocking, and quick and agile slicing.


  • Knife TypeKiritsuke Gyuto
  • Bevel Type Double-Bevel
  • Grind - Half Flat Grind
  • Material Blue #2 Aogami
  • Forging Construction Sanmai
  • Method Hammer Forge
  • Handle Type - Hidden Tang Octagon 
  • Handle Material - Walnut (Kurumi)
  • Bolster Ø
  • Ferrule Pakkawood
  • Sheath/Guard/Saya Ø
  • Blade length - 18cm, 21cm
  • Overall Length - 33cm, 36.5cm
  • Spine Thickness 3mm at handle
  • Blade Height - 46mm, 46mm
  • Weight -
  • HRC Rockwell 62
  • Maker Yoshimune
  • Origin or Country of Origin Tosa, Japan