2018 Colorado FIVE member Chris Jakubiec

It has truly been a pleasure getting to know and work along side Chef Chris Jakubiec during this 2018 Colorado FIVE season. His background, having worked in some high profile kitchens, is impressive and clearly has awarded him extensive knowledge of food products, classic cooking techniques, and the highest professional standards. He also possesses tremendous wherewithal when it comes to butchery of meats, fish and poultry, as well as vegetable cuts.

I saw this first-hand when he jumped on the opportunity to compete in my Culinary Showcase, The Gathering. There were several categories of knife-skill challenges and he absolutely crushed it! He’s got a full plate this year as Head Executive Chef of the downtown Denver Renaissance Hotel, owner and operator of Hutch Supper Club, and being a member of Colorado FIVE. I just can’t say enough great things about his capabilities in the kitchen. There seems to be a palpable thoughtfulness when he’s in his “zone”. It’s always a ton of fun to work next to Chris with his upbeat attitude and like-minded sensibilities. His culinary creations are some of the best I’ve experienced, and I look forward to what he’ll be cooking up in the future. Check out his bio below and learn what fostered his honest understanding and discerning insights into food and cooking.

Chef Chris was recently the Executive Chef at The ART, a hotel in Denver, CO. He left The Art to focus on his own venture, now running Hutch Supper Club and formerly the Executive Chef at Plume at The Jefferson Hotel. He oversaw the entire food operations of the hotel, including breakfast, in-room dining, lunch service, catering, and dinner in both Plume and Quill. Dinner service at Plume allowed Jakubiec himself more freedom, and his natural creativity came into play. He described it as ‘traditional food, done right,’ with a heavy emphasis on impeccable cuts, proper seasoning and classic technique. It was this attention to detail that helped Plume receive Forbes’ elusive five star rating in 2013, presently the only five star restaurant in Washington, DC. With a refreshingly whimsical and relaxed approach to the context of the formal, and beautifully appointed Plume, Chris’ seasonal menu showed flashes of fun that suggest he did not want guests to reserve meals at Plume for special occasions only. His Raw & Cooked Vegetable Salad featured zucchini marmalade, seasonal truffle, and verjus dressing. True to his roots – and to Thomas Jefferson’s own inclinations – he maintained a handful of delectable vegetarian dishes.

All of these experiences, especially the most recent, have led to an interest in organic agriculture, sustainability, and being responsible within the means of food consumption. Doing this all while still utilizing correct techniques, maintaining attention to detail, and promoting a culture of hospitality. He has dreams of bringing the farm-to-table concept one step further, to a garden-to-table concept, applying sustainability on a small scale. Food Theme: Garden to Table five-star cooking with a more rustic and comfort-food approach.