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Elevate your culinary journey with Steelport Knife Company's 'Full Family Set'.

It is truly a remarkable product lineup comprised of seven distinct Steelport products meticulously designed to enhance your kitchen experience. Also included is a jar of Axe Wax for blade and handle care:

  1. STEELPORT 4” Paring Knife: Perfect for in-hand or fine cutting work on the cutting board.
  2. STEELPORT 6” Chef Knife: An agile chef knife ideal for smaller cutting spaces.
  3. STEELPORT 8” Chef Knife: A versatile chef knife for both large and small culinary tasks.
  4. STEELPORT 10” Slicing Knife: Designed for precision when carving roasts and preparing meat and fish.
  5. STEELPORT 10” Bread Knife: A high-performance bread knife with custom wavy serration.
  6. STEELPORT 6" Boning Knife: An essential tool for safely breaking down cuts of meat at home.
  7. STEELPORT Knife Block: A visually striking magnetic block that elegantly displays your knives.
  8. Axe Wax 2 oz jar for blade and handle care

It's important to note that these Carbon Steel knives are not stain or rust resistant. The key to maintaining their peak performance is basic maintenance. Day to day, it's as simple as remembering to hand wash and dry them after each use. Discover the art of caring for Carbon Steel knives and embark on a journey of culinary excellence.

All 8 items in this set are individually packaged, then shipped at once.

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