Knife Types:

A brief guide on what makes double bevel knives unique

Double Bevel Knife Types

Double bevel is commonly referred to as "Western Influence". The "bevel" is the side of the knife that is tapered into an edge. Visit our page on bevels and sharpness for more information.

Gyuto (Chefs Knife)

A Gyuto has a classic Western chefs knife profile, but typically the blade thickness will be thinner. The two most common double-bevel types of Gyutos are Wa-Gyuto, referencing a Japanese style handle and Yo-Gyuto, referencing a western style handle. Additionally, there are single bevel Wa-Gyutos. "Gyuto" literally translates to "beef blade". This type of knife offers some of the most versatile cutting applications ranging from vegetable prep to meat and fish butchery. You will find that a Gyuto has a curved blade that allows for back and forth rocking, and quick and agile slicing.

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A Sujibiki is a slicing knife. It's long and narrow blade assists slicing through meat or vegetables smoothly and precisely. It has a profile similar to a Japanese Yanagi which helps for cutting sushi sashimi and rolls with ease.

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Nakiris are typically a double bevel knife specifically designed to work with vegetables. The design is derived from the Japanese single bevel Usuba with a very thin spine, squared tip, wide and straight profile.

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A Honesuki is traditionally a Japanese poultry boning knife. This knife has a profile which is thicker at the spine and wide at the heel, then contours to a narrow tip. This allows clean separation at joints and cartilage. This knife also works very well for cutting smaller fish like Aji, Kodai, and Kohada.

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A petty knife is a basic utility knife slightly larger than a pairing knife. Typically petty and utility knives are used on a cutting board as opposed to a paring knife which does better when operated in your hand. They are great for intricate, delicate and light work.

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Pairing knives are small and engineered to preform small tasks. Perfect for peeling and carving fruits and vegetables. They are typically designed to be used off the cutting board in your hand.

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A Santoku knife rivals the Gyuto in its functionality and multipurpose ability with its slight curve in the blade profile. Literally translated to three virtues, this knife performs at a high-level for meat fish and vegetables. It's profile exhibits a shorter and thinner blade which makes it user-friendly and versatile.

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Kiritsuke Chefs Knife (K-Tip)

A kiritsuke Chefs knife is very versatile and modeled after the traditional Japanese single-bevel knife. The truncated tip drops the point, making it easy to perform detailed work with the tip. This multi-purpose knife will perform all kitchen tasks comfortably.

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