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Introducing Steelport's 3-Piece Essential Gift Set, a perfect addition to your kitchen featuring three essential knives:

  1. Steelport 4” Paring Knife: A versatile knife designed for precise in-hand or small cutting board tasks. It offers remarkable maneuverability and application, making it perfect for intricate work.

  2. Steelport 8” Chef Knife: Renowned as "The Best Made-in-USA Kitchen Knife" by Gear Patrol, this versatile chef knife excels in tasks large and small. An invaluable tool in any kitchen.

  3. Steelport 10” Bread Knife: This high-performance bread knife boasts custom wavy serration, making it ideal for tackling both hard-crusted and soft loaves, BBQ brisket, and more. Recently celebrated by The New York Times for its exceptional performance.

**All three knives come in a single custom box, making this set an excellent choice for gift-giving. Safeguard these blades with the included custom-fitted Oregon Maple Sheaths, complete with an internal recessed magnet along the spine.

CARE & USE: Carbon Steel knives require basic maintenance to keep them performing at their best. Please remember that they are not stain or rust-resistant. Day-to-day care is as simple as hand washing and thorough drying after each use.


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