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A Gyuto has a classic Western chefs knife profile, but typically the blade thickness will be thinner. The two most common double bevel types of Gyutos are Wa-Gyuto, referencing a Japanese style handle and Yo-Gyuto, referencing a western style handle. Additionally, there are single bevel Wa-Gyutos. “Gyuto” literally translates to “beef blade”. This type of knife offers some of the most versatile cutting applications ranging from vegetable prep to meat and fish butchery. You will find that a Gyuto has a curved blade that allows for back and forth rocking, and quick and agile slicing.


Yoshihiro, Mizu, AUS-8 Gyuto

From $320.00 - $375.00

Yoshihiro, AUS- 8A Gyuto

From $130.00 - $190.00